Friday, September 10, 2010

Mafia II

Have been playing Madia II on my pc, good game but wow the city is bland compared to GTA. thankfully I love the time period and the cars, I'd say it's a good rent but not a buy.


  1. Interesting -- I've read a little about Mafia II lately, and the blandness of the city seems to be a concern. Hm. Good observation.

    And hey, looks like we're both new bloggers here; thanks for following me, and I'll gladly follow you in return! One weird thing though, my AdSense hasn't kicked in yet. Hmph.

  2. i cant play mafia on my pc , it sucks . :(
    will support and follo <3

  3. Hmm... Heard completely different things from some other guys... Really different opinions on the game I see...