Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review of Bugler menthol roll your own tobacco.

I have found my new favorite smoke here. I started off smoking six years ago and that was with Kool Kings, and then I after a few years switched to Pall Mall Menthol 100s, but after those I went through a filter less phase with Pall Mall Straights and Luckies but was always bothered I couldn't find a filter less menthol. The price of filter less cigarettes didn't help any as well. As you can probably tell by now I am a menthol man. However I have always wanted to try rolling my own having seen my friend do it with American Spirit tobacco for going on a year now. My first bag I bought I was worried that it may just be minty and all out crap, however the opposite is true! Some have complained about the smell of the tobacco itself but I personally love it. Now I roll them filter less in a small Zig Zag roller with Bugler normal papers, and I have to say it is surprisingly smooth and even my friends who aren't into filter less comment on how smooth they are. It has a true menthol taste to it rather than a mint and the base tobacco tastes, well, it is hard to explain, but it isn't the same as Buggler blue. If you are a roll your own kind of person I suggest you try a bag, and if you arent, well you never know it may be your new favorite smoke.

Tomorrow I plan to try Kite menthol, I hear it is a lot like Newports.

P.S. I don't advocate smoking at all, it is a terrible habit, and if you haven't done it don't start. That being said, if you got em smoke em ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Omar Rodríguez-López

This man is a musical genius! It's Omar and he will blow your mind with his music. He has led a very interesting life, once even being a librarian selling acid. His first big band was At The Drive In, which if you like that type of music (hardcore stuff) then by all means, however after that he dabbled with dub for a bit before finally The Mars Volta was created. Now if you haven't heard of them I suggest you check them out, but be warned their albums vary greatly so if you don't like some try another album. The reason I am posting is not for the stuff he did in these bands, but the crazy stuff he pumps out as a solo artist. So far he has put out over 17 albums since 2004, and another coming out Oct 4th. That is just insane and he says he has enough material for many more releases. Now if you want to try this musical god out I suggest you try the albums; Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo, Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far), Ciencia de los Inútiles, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch.

Now much of it is in Spanish, but I can still enjoy it plenty even though I dont speak much of it.

I have been stuck on Ciencia de los Inútiles as of late and always have the vinyl spinning in my room saranding me. Here is a song off of it, allow it to take you to lala land like it will for me tonight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stupid Xbox 360

I hate the thing but after it not working due to the DVD drive always opening no matter what I finally decide to see if it would work again, and guess did. I swear if this console didn't have the great library it does it would go down as the worst one ever made, or maybe it still should anyways.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mafia II

Have been playing Madia II on my pc, good game but wow the city is bland compared to GTA. thankfully I love the time period and the cars, I'd say it's a good rent but not a buy.